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Trailer: Elijah Wood Debuts inRed vs. BlueMay 28

Trailer: Elijah Wood Debuts inRed vs. BlueMay 28

Here’s the final version of the teaser trailer for the 10th season of the long-running machinima seriesRed vs. Blue. Series creator Rooster Teeth will premiere the first episode on May 28.

The regular cast of the comedic parody of Microsoft’s popular Haloshooter videogames will be joined this season by a new character named Sigma, voiced by Lord of the Ringsstar Elijah Wood. New episodes of the series will be released on Mondays.

The teaser trailer released on Tuesday glosses over the past nine seasons. You won’t be caught up on the series’ countless inside jokes by watching it, but it should serve as a nice refresher for what will become the conclusion of the “Freelancer” storyline that began in season nine.

Rooster Teeth recently passed 1 billion total views on its YouTube channel, making it one of the 10 biggest non-music channels worldwide. Check Wired later this month for an in-depth look at the history of Rooster Teeth.

Video of Red vs. Blue reminding you about the Halo 4 release date :D

Worst throw ever…of all time.

Red Versus Blue

You guys should watch the series :D?