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We're bringing classy back.

Hey everyone, and welcome to our Halo blog! We're Jeff and Blaise, two guys from the middle of nowhere who like Halo. Follow us if you want, we'd love to have ya! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an ask! We do track the fuckyeahalo tag, so if you want something posted on here tag it with that and it will likely be queued up!! Or if you have a photo edit, screencap, or video you want to be spread around feel free to submit it! If you ever want to play Halo online, just send us a friend request at: scottysnacktime, and let us know you're from tumblr! Thanks again for following, and have a great day!

Our personal blogs are:

scottysnacktime.tumblr.com connesso.tumblr.com

Submissions can be from Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, ODST, Halo: Reach, novels, comics, any fan art etc. Thanks for following!
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Hey guys! This months LootCrate theme is Galactic, so of course they put something Halo related in there!! There’s also going to be Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly!! Make sure to sign up if you already haven’t by this Friday at 9pm to get your awesome LootCrate!! Reblog and like if you’re already subscribed to help spread the word!! :)


Epic #Destiny midnight! 130+ pickups and more in the house enjoyed the atmosphere. (at GameStop)


Epic #Destiny midnight! 130+ pickups and more in the house enjoyed the atmosphere. (at GameStop)

I have missed this blog.  

SO once school is back, let’s get it up and running!  

might need a new mod, do we have any takers?

ispinthereforeiam asked
you're back!!!!!!!!

nvr left bby

blaise asshole I was gonna answer that.

hey spencer! haha I made one post!  that’s it!  work keeps me too busy to run a blog ><

hi spencer we never left

blaise stop editing my posts

sheetsofegyptiancottonnnn asked
the sword! ive been looking for that for like a week now...i cant find a code for it anywhere. mind sharing? or at least letting me know where you got the link to put it on your tumblr? thanks :)

honestly, I have no idea.  I did that years ago, sorry!